No, the megabytes of wifi or fibre connections are never depleted. These megabytes refer to the speed at which you surf the Internet or download content. The more megabytes of wifi or fibre you have contracted, the faster the web pages will load and the faster downloads will complete.

First, never take a cable out of your router or any other device to reconnect it to where it was or where it was located. Don’t reset the router either. Wait a bit and try again in a few minutes. If you go on without the Internet, disconnect the router from the power supply and then switch it back on again after a minute. If this does not solve the problem, call us or send us an email. And remember… never change any cables or reset the router.

Yes, you can enter the router and open any ports you want.

If you reset the router, the wifi configuration will lost and the name of the network that your devices have registered to connect automatically will disappear. Still, you still have the Internet. Go with the device you want to connect to near the router, you will see a new network with a lot of signal, connect to it and when you ask for the password look behind the router, there you have it.

If you have a large or multi-storey house, you may have areas with poor coverage. We advise you to keep your router in a clear area, away from other electrical devices such as cordless phones, television, etc. Do not put the router on the floor or in a closet. If you still need to extend the coverage, there are solutions such as PLC devices, wifi repeaters and others. Call us and we will tell you what is best for you.

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